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v.1.1.2 (2019-01-10)

v1.1.2 (2019-01-10)


  • Improved the MEG landmark coordinates description.

  • Replaced ManufacturersCapModelName in meg.json with CapManufacturer and CapManufacturersModelName.

  • Remove EEGSamplingFrequency and ManufacturersAmplifierModelName from the meg.json.

  • Improved the behavioral data description.





  • Added T1 Rho maps [4.1 Anatomy imaging data].

  • Added support for phenotypic information split into multiple files [3.2 Participant key file].

  • Added recommendations for multi site datasets

  • Added SoftwareVersions

  • Added run-<run_index> to the phase encoding maps. Improved the description.

  • Added InversionTime metadata key.

  • Clarification on the source vs raw language.

  • Added trial_type column to the event files.

  • Added missing sub-<participant_label> in behavioral data file names

  • Added ability to store stimuli files.

  • Clarified the language describing allowed subject labels.

  • Added quantitative proton density maps.


  • Added ability to specify fieldmaps acquired with multiple parameter sets.

  • Added ability to have multiple runs of the same fieldmap.

  • Added FLASH anatomical images.


  • Replaced links to neurolex with explicit DICOM Tags.

  • Added sourcedata.

  • Added data dictionaries.

  • Be more explicit about contents of JSON files for structural (anatomical) scans.


  • Renamed PhaseEncodingDirection values from “x”, “y”, “z” to “i”, “j”, “k” to avoid confusion with FSL parameters

  • Renamed SliceEncodingDirection values from “x”, “y”, “z” to “i”, “j”, “k”


  • Removed the requirement that TSV files cannot include more than two consecutive spaces.

  • Refactor of the definitions sections (copied from the manuscript)

  • Make support for uncompressed .nii files more explicit.

  • Added BIDSVersion to dataset.json

  • Remove the statement that SliceEncodingDirection is necessary for slice time correction

  • Change dicom converter recommendation from dcmstack to dcm2nii and dicm2nii following interactions with the community (see and

  • Added section on behavioral experiments with no accompanying MRI acquisition

  • Add _magnitude.nii[.gz] image for GE type fieldmaps.

  • Replaced EchoTimeDifference with EchoTime1 and EchoTime2 (SPM toolbox requires this input).

  • Added support for single band reference image for DWI.

  • Added DatasetDOI field in the dataset description.

  • Added description of more metadata fields relevant to DWI fieldmap correction.

  • PhaseEncodingDirection is now expressed in “x”, “y” etc. instead of “PA” “RL” for DWI scans (so it’s the same as BOLD scans)

  • Added rec-<label> flag to BOLD files to distinguish between different reconstruction algorithms (analogous to anatomical scans).

  • Added recommendation to use _physio suffix for continuous recordings of motion parameters obtained by the scanner side reconstruction algorithms.


  • Initial release

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