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Contributing to and extending the BIDS specification

This page lists some ways that you can get involved with the BIDS community.

Contributing to BIDS

There are many ways to get involved with the BIDS community!

The BIDS Starter Kit

If you're new to the BIDS community and you'd like to learn a bit more, we recommend checking out the BIDS Starter Kit. This has introductory information about the BIDS specification, tools in the BIDS ecosystem, and how you can get involved.

The BIDS Contributor guide

If you'd like to get involved more heavily in helping extend the BIDS specification or develop tools for it, see the BIDS Contributor Guide. It contains more in-depth information for getting involved with the BIDS community.

BIDS Extension Proposals

The BIDS specification can be extended in a backwards compatible way and will evolve over time. These are accomplished with BIDS Extension Proposals (BEPs), which are community-driven processes.

Below is a table of currently-active BEPs.

Extension label Title Moderators/leads
BEP001 Structural acquisitions that include multiple contrasts (multi echo, flip angle, inversion time) sequences Gilles de Hollander
BEP002 The BIDS Models Specification Tal Yarkoni
BEP003 Common Derivatives Chris Gorgolewski
BEP004 Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI) Fidel Alfaro Almagro
BEP005 Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) Henk-Jan Mutsaerts and Michael Chappell
BEP009 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Melanie Ganz
BEP011 The structural preprocessing derivatives Andrew Hoopes
BEP012 The functional preprocessing derivatives Camille Maumet and Chris Markiewicz
BEP013 The resting state fMRI derivatives Steven Giavasis
BEP014 The affine transformations and nonlinear field warps Oscar Esteban
BEP015 Mapping file Eric Earl, Camille Maumet, and Vasudev Raguram
BEP016 The diffusion weighted imaging derivatives Franco Pestilli and Oscar Esteban
BEP017 Generic BIDS connectivity data schema Eugene Duff and Paul McCarthy
BEP018 Genetic information Cyril R Pernet, Clara Moreau, and Thomas Nichols
BEP019 DICOM Metadata Satrajit Ghosh
BEP020 Eye Tracking including Gaze Position and Pupil Size(ET) Benjamin Gagl and Dejan Draschkow
BEP021 Common Electrophysiological Derivatives Stefan Appelhoff, Cyril Pernet, Robert Oostenveld, Teon Brooks
BEP022 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) Dickson Wong
BEP023 PET Preprocessing derivatives Martin Noergaard, Graham Searle, Melanie Ganz
BEP024 Computed Tomography scan (CT) Hugo Boniface
BEP025 Medical Population Imaging Data structure (MIDS) Jose Manuel Saborit Torres
BEP026 Microelectrode Recordings (MER) Greydon Gilmore

When an extension reaches maturity it is merged into the main body of the specification. Below is a table of BEPs that have been merged in the main body of the specification.

Extension label Title Moderators/leads
BEP008 Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Guiomar Niso

All of the extension ideas that are not backwards compatible and thus will have to wait for BIDS 2.0 are listed here